Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy Zaria (Sept 1960 – Feb, 2014) was a Nigerian Islamic scholar who specialised in the fields of hadith. Islamic law, mass communication, Telecommunication Engineering and ICT. He was a tailor at his earlier stage of life of which he usually called himself 'kwararren tela (specialised tailor). He was the first scholars to ascribe the word Salafiya to the islamic denomination he is following in Nigeria. Albaniy was considered by many contemporary Nigerian schorlars as the greatest Salafi scholar the country had ever produced. caption>


Albani was born into a family of Mallam Adamu and Malama Saudatu in the city of Zaria north western part of Nigeria in 1960. In Zaria, Albani strarted and completed his early islamic education in the field of Qu'anic recitation initially taught by his first teachers Mallam Mato and Alarama Mallam Abubakar. In the meantime, he earned a modest living as a student of knowledge before joining his father as a tailor. Muhammad Auwal Adam uses the Accronym "Albaniy" as his nickname and this was borne out of his love and passion for the famous 20th century hadeeth schorlar in the person of Nasiruddeen Albaniy. He began to specialize in hadith studies in the 1970s and by the age of 20, he started to re-surface in the field of islamic propagation. He followed this with a series of influential lectures and the teaching of so many islamic books in his first mosque by name Aljami'us Salafiy.